Hi there, I’m Christopher. I’m a musician who fell in love with audio recording at a young age and later discovered that I also have a passion for capturing life visually. My work is focused primarily on audio and video production (I’m especially fond of projects related to music, arts, or the environment), but I also perform with my band, Cuddle Magic, and love spending time cooking or exploring the outdoors with my wife and daughter. 

Areas of specialty include…

  • Multitrack audio recording, mixing, and mastering

  • Cinematography

  • Video editing / post production

  • Still photography

  • Music production

  • Live sound

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Based in Philadelphia, PA

e // christopher.andrew.studios@gmail.com

t // 412 445 6752

I am a lucky husband. Often I am able to collaborate with and work alongside my incredibly gifted wife, Stacey McDonald.